Social Media Remarketing: The Ugly Truth and How to Use it to Your Advantage



Forbes reported that 92% of people who visit your website are not yet ready to purchase. They may be interested, but are not yet ready to convert.

This makes sense when you consider the marketing rule of 7—which assumes your prospects need to come across your offer at least 7 times before they will take action or even make a purchase. 

Now, consider that the average person sees between 4,000 and 10,000 ads in a single day. 


Is your mind blown yet?


Social media retargeting ads allow your business to show targeted ads to users who have already visited and did not complete a conversion. (Conversion here could be something like fill in a contact form, download a file, etc.) They were interested but were not yet ready to take action. 


Retargeting provides additional points of contact with your brand and service. When people know you better, the likelihood they will convert increases.

In order to be noticed by your target customer, you need to first break through the clutter. 

Facebook's algorithm now personalizes every ad for every customer, automatically— essentially, optimizing your ad delivery to get the most results for your ad budget. 

Get your campaigns successfully seen. Follow industry best practices to designing an effective social media retargeting campaign

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