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Reach more members of your target audience

With targeted advertising through Facebook and Instagram, you reach people who have shown interest in the type of courses that you offer. This is the perfect way to be "top-of-mind" and capture the attention of those who have already shown interest in the training you offer.


How it works: 

1.  You choose the courses you want to promote and which month the ad should be active.

2.  You send information about your courses, and we create a campaign that can contain up to three different courses. If you want to advertise more courses, you can book more campaigns.

3.  We target the ads to people who have previously looked at similar courses or course categories on our site, whether it was your courses they looked at, or some from another provider. We also use lookalike audiences and interest targeting to find as many people as possible who could be interested in your courses.

Why choose Facebook & Instagram Marketing?

  The CTR (Click-through Rate) on retargeting is 10x higher compared to regular display ads.

  Get exposure from people who have already shown interest in education within your categories.

  Re-exposes your courses to people who have visited your profile on findcourses.

  A unique opportunity to take market share from your competitors.

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