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The purpose of our webinars is to share our best practices on a variety of subjects, explained to you by our experts within those areas. 

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Content Marketing vs Solution-based Marketing: Sharing Ideas or Selling Courses 


⭐ What is content marketing?
⭐ What is solution-based marketing?
⭐ The benefits of both
⭐ Choosing the right approach 

And more...

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Copy of Social Media Retargeting Webinar first slide (USUK)  (600 x 313 px)



Retargeting: Best Practices for Advertising Your Courses on Social Media 

⭐ What is retargeting?
⭐ The benefits for you 
⭐ Breakdown of a Facebook ad
⭐ Creating a campaign 
⭐ Top tips on best practice

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How to Use The Customer Portal to Optimize Your Courses 

⭐A quick-guide on the tools and features of the Customer Portal 
⭐Top tips on best practice

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Email Marketing Best Practices 

⭐How direct email marketing works
⭐The benefits of direct email marketing for you 
⭐Which content works best
⭐The tools we use at Findcourses
⭐Top tips on best practice

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