2023 Course Trends & Skills Outlook



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Quick skill-building is crucial to being able to pivot and change course as the needs arise. In the workplace, this translates into having the “right” skills at the right time. We’ve analyzed workplace training trends to help you target the key skills to help you achieve your training development goals in 2023.

The pandemic has made “resilience” a buzzword, but now, as we enter the post-pandemic era, “agility” is the new theme for organizations. With shifting internal and external tides, quick skill-building has become the top priority for those attempting to pivot and stay relevant.

Enterprise upskilling and reskilling programs, meanwhile, take time that many organizations just don't have in the face of layoffs, ChatGPT, and other challenges.


This was what we discovered as we looked at the course trends data from
findcourses.com’s user statistics:

  • Although technical skills are important, human-centric skills focused on people and relationships have become increasingly in-demand. Communication skills, management skills, and emotional intelligence are all experiencing renewed importance after taking a back seat to pandemic-influenced course demands for Engineering and Virtual Skills.

  • Presentation Skills is another area that is becoming more popular among learners

  • Leadership (perennially, the most in-demand course category) is flexing its muscle and gravitas with increases not only in the category, but also in the subcategories of Leadership Fundamentals and Comprehensive Leadership.

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