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We just finished digging into our site statistics to get a better understanding of how user interests are changing and developing as we near the end of 2020. We looked at both course search results by category, as well as views and leads going to courses within each of our categories.

Through our analysis, we discovered three key trends in user behavior and interests that we want to share with you. We've also pulled out some additional categories where we are seeing growth.


Key trends:

1. Stress management is one of the fastest growing categories on the site.

Views of the stress management category search increased 76% in September and October vs the previous months. We are seeing requests coming in from individual professionals as well as corporate buyers.

2. Increasing interest in developing key soft skills.

We saw a 57% increase in pageviews of the emotional intelligence training search during the past two months. While communication skills courses increased a modest 19%, the number of leads to these courses increased 117%.

3. Views and conversions on the auditing category and subcategories are elevated.

52% more visitors viewed the Quality Control category in September and October than in the previous months. Auditing course views increased 51% and leads grew by 117%.




Additional growth areas:

Pageviews to category search

Emotional Intelligence:  +57%
Stress Management:  +76%
Budgeting:  +78%
Sales:  +52%
Quality Control:  +52%
Business:  +56%

Trending courses by category

Auditing and Quality Management:  Views +51% | Leads +117%
Team Building:  Views +34% | Leads +44%
Communication Skills:  Views +19% | Leads +133%
Construction:  Views +56% | Leads +113%
Budgeting:  Views +11% | Leads +150%
Taxes:  Views +33% | Leads +500%
Customer Relationship Management:  Views +51% | Leads +600%


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