Educations Media Group announces merger with Keystone Academic Solutions


The newly merged company will be called Keystone Education Group, with annual unique student traffic exceeding 110 million.

Keystone Academic Solutions (“Keystone”) and Educations Media Group (“EMG”) today announced that they are merging to form the Keystone Education Group (“KEG”), with combined revenues of more than $USD 50 million.

The shared mission of Keystone and EMG is to help students make one of the most important decisions of their lifetimes – namely, which higher education degree program or course to attend. Combined, KEG helps more than 110 million students each year, across 530 websites, with their higher education decision making.  Well known KEG websites include,, and 

Both Keystone and EMG are leaders in the global market for higher education marketing and student recruitment, with strong customer bases across the UK, Europe, the US and the Nordics. The newly formed KEG serves a customer base of more than 5500 higher education providers, combining Keystone´s strong studyabroad market presence globally and its leading domestic market position in the United Kingdom with EMG´s leading domestic market positions in the Nordics.

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Current Keystone CEO Erik Harrell will become CEO of KEG, and EMG CEO and Co-Founder, Fredrik Söderlindh, will serve on KEG´s senior leadership team as Head of M&A and a member of KEG’s board of directors.

 “During the past 12 months, Keystone has successfully implemented a strong organic and inorganic growth strategy, with pro-forma revenue growth expected to be up more than 300% in 2021 versus 2019 after the closing of this merger. The formation of KEG and merger of equals with EMG brings us one step closer to becoming the most trusted and scaled resource for students in the world and a global leader for enrolment generation for higher education institutions,” said Harrell.

 “Both companies have demonstrated a strong commitment to students and education providers over the years and are now set to bring even better solutions to this market as a combined force, with enhanced competencies delivered at scale,” Harrell said.

Moving forward, the new group will focus on four core operating segments including study abroad, domestic student recruiting, corporate training and global student recruitment services.   According to a recent study completed by a leading tier 1 strategic consulting firm on KEG`s behalf, the total addressable market for KEG in its core geographies – the United States, the United Kingdom, the Nordics, France, Germany and Spain – is approximately ($USD 35 billion), with growth estimated to be north of 15% due to a systemic shift towards digital marketing, accelerated by the dampening effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on more traditional offline marketing channels such as physical fairs and print publications.

Fredrik Söderlindh, CEO and founder of EMG, said “We founded EMG in 2001 as a group of three students based on our own needs – to find the right education. We are very pleased to begin a new chapter with Keystone and to keep our shared vision of helping everyone in the world to find the right education, now on a much wider and global scale,”

Both Keystone and EMG have strong backgrounds in M&A with Keystone recently acquiring UK-based FindAUniversity and US college athletics placement firm CSUSA. EMG has led a similar growth path, acquiring the study abroad agent Blueberry, and UK-based site and the Adult Learning segment of, as well  

Viking Venture ( and Verdane (, both leading growth investors in software companies in the Nordics and the financial investors behind Keystone and EMG, respectively, will remain shareholders of KEG post-merger.  The transaction is expected to close no later than July.


About Keystone Academic Solutions (Keystone)

Keystone is trusted by more than 80 million unique prospective students every year to help them make one of the most important decisions of their lifetimes, namely, which higher ed program to attend. In turn, Keystone helps over 5000 higher ed institutions reach and communicate with prospective students in more than 190 countries via its more than 420 websites covering 33 languages and eight core higher education verticals – Master’s, Bachelor’s, PhD, Online, Healthcare, MBA, Law and Academic Courses. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway and backed by Viking Venture, a leading Nordic venture firm, Keystone has an international staff of more than 170 employees.


About Educations Media Group (EMG)

Founded in 2001 and with 20 years of consecutive profitable growth, EMG has pioneered 20 local brands spanning the entire education spectrum and works with over 6000 education providers in 40 different countries across the world. EMG helps 40 million unique prospective students across their sites every year find the right education for their need. Their platform accelerates the growth of educational institutions by providing a one-stop-shop for promoting any type of course or degree programme, using targeted marketing to find the right students. EMG reaches out to students worldwide through its leading online marketing services, comprehensive media partners, higher education recruitment agent, and state of the art virtual events platform. EMG has 180 employees working out of the global head office in Stockholm, and local offices in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Mannheim and Oslo.

You can read more about the merger here.


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Kate C. Butterworth is the Director of Communications and Marketing for Originally from the UK, Kate has been leading the international team of digital marketers at EMG – Educations Media Group, the parent company of since 2009, and is responsible for strategy, partners and digital growth for our international markets.