Our new Bi-monthly Statistics Report at Findcourses.com



Want to know how courses perform on our site on a regular basis?

Download our free Bi-monthly Statistics Report and view statistics for corporate and professional courses. 


In our Bi-monthly Statistics Report you can read our statistics from the previous two months and see how courses in each segment perform on our site. 

Our report is filled with a range of statistics which will give you a deeper insight into current user behavior and impact your approach to course listings throughout the year. Which topics have been most popular? Which courses are best selling?

Additionally, in our News and Trends section of the report we discuss recent developments at Findcourses, new strategies we are implementing and the latest trends impacting the educational training industry. 


In the report, you can read about: 

⭐ Top 10 most visited courses 
⭐ Topics with highest growth 
⭐ Topics with highest conversion rate
⭐ Popular topics
And more...



Want to find out more? Download the full report  



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Evie Rogers

Evie is an Inbound Marketing Specialist at findcourses.com and findcourses.co.uk. Evie has a background in Modern Foreign Languages and experience within the education sector. Originally from the UK, she studied her Bachelor’s degree in French and Spanish at the University of Bristol. Evie is passionate about language learning and believes that cross-cultural communication can create a dynamic and effective team.