5 Best Practices for an Effective TikTok Marketing Campaign



TikTok is a popular app right now, and its audience is diverse and growing. A report by Statista showed that 38% of TikTok users are over the age of 30 – a clear indicator that the platform’s reach has expanded beyond the segment of under 18s. Now is the time to get on the TikTok hype and harness its power as a marketing tool for your organization.  

So, why TikTok? The app promotes your videos directly in users’ feeds, boosts brand awareness in an engaging way and helps you generate leads from the most popular social media channel. However, to really get the most out of TikTok marketing, it’s important to consider the content, structure, audio, text and goal of your ad. That’s why we’ve put together five best practices to help you effectively market your courses through TikTok.   



1. Be "trendy"

TikTok follows the latest trends so you need to make sure your content is aligned with whatever is popular and current on the rest of the platform. User trends are constantly popping up and going viral, from “get ready with me” videos to dance crazes. For example, if you’re a higher education provider you may want to do a “get ready with me” video to promote a day in the life of a student at your college.

Your Discover page is your hub of creativity and influence. Take some inspiration from trends and approaches within your space to help you get the ball rolling with relevant content ideas.  

2. Keep it short and sweet 

Stick to a video length of less than 30 seconds to captivate your audience. Despite the maximum length of videos increasing to 10 minutes, long ads run the risk of losing user interest. It’s important to highlight key points while really staying on-brand.

We recommend using subtitles and since a maximum of 100 characters is allowed in the ad text, you need stick to the intended point. Also, remember adding an engaging narrator can showcase the personality of your brand, as well as adding humor and emotion to your content. 

3. Harness the power of sound 

TikTok videos are bitesized chunks of content where audio matters. TikTok sounds, for example background music and audio snippets, can trigger widespread trends on the platform. 

If you hear audio appearing often on your For you feed, see if you can incorporate this into your own video to help leverage high levels of engagement with your content. Additionally, using applicable hashtags in connection with the sound snippet used can increase your organic reach to users.  

4. Use those #hashtags

TikTok is all about the algorithm. Using hashtags in the caption can ensure your ad is more targeted and help the algorithm understand who your audience is. As we mentioned before, it’s important to follow the trends, so including popular hashtags can increase your discoverability.  

On the flipside, you can also craft your own hashtags to take your campaign to the next level. At the same time as making your ad unique to your brand, it can allow you to source user-generated content.  

5. Remember to include a strong CTA 

Your ad needs a compelling, well-crafted Call to Action (CTA). Home in on the main objective of your TikTok ad – what is the driving force behind it? Maybe you want to increase traffic to your site or perhaps highlight a particular product or service through brand awareness. 

Your CTA can be incorporated into the text, for example centering it in the video text or caption. What matters is that the next step for your user is clearly communicated. 


So, in conclusion, if you are keen to execute a successful TikTok marketing campaign, you need to be in tune with the latest trends, keep your videos short, audially appealing and relevant, hashtag-minded and defined by a strong, effective Call to Action. By incorporating these best practices into your ad curation, you will make TikTok marketing work for your business – driving more traffic to your site and boosting those conversions.  

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